Bellinger's Orchard

Picking Policy

This year, in order to keep all of our customers and employees as safe as possible, we
are following state and federal mandated social distancing guidelines for our farm.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

1. Please do not come to our farm if you or anyone in your group is displaying symptoms
of COVID-19 or any contagious illness (ie: fever, vomiting, coughing, diarrhea, fatigue, body
aches, etc..); or have come in contact with someone who has.

2. Masks or no masks... we have all lived through this for a year now. Some of us got the shots and some didn't. Delta is coming or it isn't. No one can predict what is going to come in the future, but we have now entered the era of personal choice and responsibility.

3. Please dress properly. The ground is uneven and hilly in spots so sturdy closed-toe shoes are recommended. Boots are recommended in the morning when the ground is wet.

4. Please check in at our Apple Building (weekdays) or Apple Shed (weekends) prior to picking.

5. Everyone must have clean hands before picking. Hand sanitizer is available at check-in/check-out.

6. No backpacks or bags allowed in the orchard. Diaper bags for little ones are ok.

7. Please do not climb or shake/break branches.

8. You are required to pay for all produce whether you picked it from the tree or the ground.

9. Please no smoking on our property.

Thank you for respecting our policy.